Snipers Scopecam

Vassili's Snipers Scopecam (2015)
Finally its ready to be tested on the field.
(sorry for the bad pictures with my iphone but the end result pictures are taken with a professional  camera)

How i made this:
I just got an aluminium shovel that has already the box form.
IMG_9194 IMG_9275
IMG_9281 IMG_9283

I cut it out and from the flat part i made a cover.
IMG_9336 IMG_9338 IMG_9339

Later on i turned around that the cover is the bottom and the bottom is the cover.
I was thinking how could i mount the scope on the sniper scope. As below you can see
i use just scope mount rings (with easy detachable lever), and a rail on the bottom of the box.
IMG_9766 IMG_9767 IMG_9772 IMG_9773

Now i had to make a protection glass so the camera won't get damage when a BB enters the scope.
I use Plexiglass. I cut half of the tube and slide the plexiglass on it. That looks pretty ugly.
IMG_9886 IMG_9885

I remake the plexiglass, fitted it in the outertube and added an extra small tube to hold the glass in place.
IMG_9888 IMG_9894

Then i started to pain it in black.

This is the end result! I present you Vassili's Scopecam!


Thank you for reading,

Vassili out.

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